• Made with MorningWood™ (Organic Tree Bark). It’s not just THE ingredient, it’s also a side effect!™

  • Restore your body’s natural daily cycle of “Gearing-UP” your hydraulic system (producing erections) throughout the night and into the mornings.

  • Continuous exchange of fresh blood within your hydraulics, (resulting in a substantially larger male “package” size), is an excellent pro-active defense against cancer.

  • Although created as a pro-active defense, the BEST side affect is that ONE dose allows you to “Gear-UP” anytime you want for 3 DAYS!

GEAR-UP with Rocket Man, It’s Like Hydraulic Fluid for Men!

Is Regular Exercise of Your HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Part of Your Daily Regimen? … It Should Be !

It’s unrealistic for most men to be able to Gear-Up and be MECHANICALLY ready for sex everyday, although with only ONE dose of Rocket Man, for 3 DAYS, you could.

“Increased Sex, combined with daily “HYDRAULIC Exercise” (erections) has been show to decrease a mans risk of prostate cancer by over 33%”

“Over 52% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer were also found to have either very low sexual activity or had lost their ability even to Gear-Up (obtain an erection) to exercise their system”

“Frequent use AND exercise of ALL parts of your body not only promotes health, but the more you use it, the better at it you become!”

Introducing Rocket Man

Rocket Man is a new, 100% natural Male “2-Part Supplement” with MorningWood ; an organic ingredient made from tree bark. One Dose equals 1 Capsule PLUS 1 Liquid Filled Gel-cap.

Taken together on an empty stomach (preferably first thing in the morning) and at least 90 minutes before eating, Rocket Man is designed to amplify communications within your nervous system for up to 3 DAYS. After continued use, the effect lasts longer.

Within 2 hours after taking Rocket Man, and for several days, you will note a surprising response in your ability to Gear-UP, and be mechanically ready for sexual activity – especially when provoked. Notwithstanding, and independent of any sexual activity, your body will now begin to resume its natural cycle of exercising your HYDRAULIC System periodically during the day and throughout the night.

Although the effects of taking Rocket Man are intended to promote good health and a pro-active defense against Male Related Cancer, Rocket Man is not a drug, nor is it intended or claimed to be a treatment or cure for cancer or any disease. Consult your physician for more information and advise before taking Rocket Man if you have any health or drug related issue which may result in any adverse effect. Rocket Man™ is a product of Sunbeam America; U.S. and International Patents Pending. Distributors and Affiliates Welcome.


Now in convient, travel sized packets

The Rocket Man Experience

After taking Rocket Man, you’ll start experiencing the following effects:

Warming Sensation

You may receive a warming sensation from your shoulders up. This will last about an hour.

Heightened Sensitivity

Within 30 minutes of taking Rocket Man, your sensitivity level will be noticeably heightened. You'll notice that things may seem brighter and touch will be more responsive. Rocket Man amplifies signals from your brain to your body.

Increased Gearing Up

Rocket Man helps you gear up (obtain erections) frequently during the day and also while you sleep. This is a healthy process that is often times halted when men age. Rocket Man helps bring the process back to life.



Less expensive than Viagra and far more effective than any existing “natural” male enhancement product, Rocket Man is designed to take effect within 1-2 hours and it’s effects last up to 3 days!

How To Use Rocket Man

You need to take Rocket Man in a specific way to get it’s full, powerful effects… Here’s how:

1. Take it on an empty stomach (many prefer first thing in the morning)

2. For the very best results, take it no sooner than 2 hours before eating or 2 hours after eating.

3. Avoid a high fat diet. Fats can carry away a lot of minerals.

Rocket Man™ for Women

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