Our NEW Rocket Man™ FAST Relief Products separate key ingredients found in tablets. Some are dissolved within a refreshing drink and the rest of the ingredients remain in a much smaller tablet that is easier to swallow. By having the key ingredients already dissolved within the Remedy Drink, your body is able to respond to the medication in less than half the time of a standard tablet.

Grab-and-Go™ Complete Kit:

Rocket Man™ FAST Relief Products provide consumers a complete Grab-and-Go™ , “Remedy Drink, Cup & Tablet Kit” that can travel with you anywhere. The Remedy Drink tastes great at most any temperature and the complete Kit can be stored in any glove box, tool box, back pack, lunch box, computer bag, purse and more.


In the interest of creating better solutions which would help people suffering from various ailments, Sunbeam created a number of categories of Rocket Man™ Fast Relief products.

One Rocket Man™ category would incorporate a better use of man-made medications while another category would focus on solutions using natural whole food or plant-based supplements.

The Rocket Man™ Fast Relief product line began with Sunbeam’s research to solve two problems that occur frequently every day within one of the world’s largest markets: Health Care.


1. Most over-the-counter medication manufacturers, to save costs per dose, combine all ingredients into a powder which is then compressed
with great force into a hard tablet. This is the same process used to manufacture rigid sticks of chalk. The resulting tablets are so solid that it may require 20-40 minutes for your body to absorb the tablets and begin to benefit from them.

2. Over 98% of people need a drink in order to swallow the tablets. This can present a convenience problem if people are away from home
and do not have a drink available, even if they already have the medication with them.

Accordingly, Sunbeam decided to create a NEW and convenient type of “FAST RELIEF SYSTEM“; a ready-to-use and easy-to-store solution which includes smaller Tablets AND a Remedy Drink to take them. Part ofthe medication is in the included drink, which allows the medication to begin working very quickly.

The Science of Invention™

During the 1990’s, in pursuit of solutions for people with muscular and neurological problems, Sunbeam found success in the development of a new device which can be used to train and monitor, in real time, a patient’s progress while restoring muscular response and effective use of their arms and legs. In recognition of the success of the new electronic device (also called “Motion Science”), a U.S. patent was awarded.

Sometimes, while intending to solve a particular problem, a solution for a different problem is discovered.

In continuation of Sunbeam’s efforts to help restore muscular and neurological performance, research was conducted using real foods and edible plants to help patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The new way to combine ingredients as described above, (part dissolved in a liquid and the remaining taken in powdered/dried form), was given to individuals affected with MS. In addition to experiencing marked success against debilitating episodes caused by MS, all of the male test subjects also experienced a surprising side effect which remained for several days. While the intention of the supplement was to help restore greater muscular and neurologic system response and control, male test subjects experienced a specific response to and control of the hydraulic performance of their genitals.

Sunbeam has now decided to market and sell a new Rocket Man™ Supplement for men for its beneficial side effect.

In 2017, after further study of the lasting benefits of the “side effect”, Sunbeam decided to develop and promote a new Rocket Man™ Supplement specifically for MEN within the “Male Enhancement” market.

Trees; Natural Foods Standing in Plain Site

Sunbeam America, a New Motor Vehicle Design and Manufacturing Company, never intended to purposely create products to help men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, or ED. Sunbeam is not in the medical business, and has not set out to produce a medical product to cure or treat any type of dysfunction including ED. That said, Sunbeam is, and will always remain interested, in the development and promotion of any natural foods shown to provide help or relief of ANY ailment.

The New Rocket Man™ Male Enhancement product line includes ingredients obtained from a particular layer of tree bark called MorningWood™. As it turns out, the name of this Proprietary Ingredient is also one of the “side effects”. Therefore, men who seek an effective Male Enhancement Food Supplement, if they choose Rocket Man™, they may also experience a number of side effects including; substantially larger “package” size, unplanned and unprovoked erections in the morning and during the night while sleeping, as well as additional erections that are, in fact, planned and provoked. On average, these side effects will continue for up to 3 DAYS. After continued use, (no more than 1 Dose every 72 Hours), some have experienced the side effects to continue for up to 5 DAYS.

The Evolution of Rocket Man Packaging

When producing the Rocket Man™ Male Enhancement Ingredients, some are produced as a liquid, and the remaining ingredients are kept isolated and placed inside an easy to swallow capsule. For retail distribution, the initial packaging design included dissolving the liquid ingredients within a 2oz Drink, and the capsule could be seen encased within a clear dome above the bottle. So, initially, “1 dose” included taking the capsule and washing it down with the 2oz Drink.

The initial packaging, while effective, was too bulky and had to be stored or carried in a large coat pocket. After numerous refinements, the liquid ingredients were able to be condensed into a small Gel-Cap. Now 1 or more doses can be purchased within our new and convenient re-sealable Pocket-Packs.