Tired of all the caffeinated-up Fake Food energy drinks? REAL energy and performance comes from REAL food that provides terrific and LASTING blood flow volume. REAL trees provide REAL food. Try ROCKET MAN®. Just 1 DOSE lasts at least 3 Days!
Available in Original and X-tra Strength Formulas

ROCKET MAN® is the first Real Food product which provides a same day visual confirmation of desired blood flow – particularly on MEN.
With Healthy/Enhanced Circulation, expect many periodic planned and even unplanned erections; especially throughout the night and into
the mornings – whether provoked or not; a common and healthy side affect when using all ROCKET MAN® products.
Best when taken before eating and first thing in the morning with LOTS of water. Then, don’t eat for 2 hours – and STAY HYDRATED.

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