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1 Dose = 1 Capsule + 1 GelCap. “Original Formula” Capsules are White, while the “ X-tra Strength Capsules” are Gold. Each Packet is equipped with 2 re-sealable pouches inside to isolate the Capsule from the GelCap. Price per Packet varies based on the number of Doses included inside.

This Product is not intended to treat or cure any disease.


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The New Rocket Man™ Male Enhancement product line includes ingredients obtained from a particular layer of tree bark called MorningWood™. As it turns out, the name of this Proprietary Ingredient is also one of the “side effects”. Therefore, men who seek an effective Male Enhancement Food Supplement, if they choose our Rocket Man™ product, they may also experience a number of side effects including; substantially larger male “package” size, unplanned and unprovoked erections in the morning and during the night while sleeping, as well as additional erections that are, in fact, planned and provoked. On average, these side effects will continue for up to 3 DAYS. After continued use, (no more than 1 Dose every 72 Hours), some have experienced the side effects to continue for up to 5 DAYS.

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