Weight Loss

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The First Weight Loss with SAME DAY Hydraulic™ Performance,
Designed for men. “Feel the intensity begin in about 1 hour!”

Start your Weight Loss Regimen with a ROCKET MAN® Kick-Off !
Feel the intensity begin in about an hour. Increased Metabolic Rate, Terrific Focus & Energy and Heightened Circulation – ALL the key components for effective weight loss!
Just 1 DOSE lasts at least 3 Days! Available in Original and X-tra Strength Formulas


ROCKET MAN® is the first Real Food product which provides a same day visual confirmation of desired blood flow – particularly on MEN.
With Healthy/Enhanced Circulation, expect many periodic planned and even unplanned erections; especially throughout the night and into
the mornings – whether provoked or not; a common and healthy side affect when using all ROCKET MAN® products.

Best when taken before eating and first thing in the morning with LOTS of water. Then, don’t eat for 2 hours – and STAY HYDRATED.

Now an Amazing New Formula for Women! Dismiss